Koyo Do (Hong Duong T. Do) | Storyboard artist

(I had an indoor picnic with my partner due to the pandemic!)

I am passionate about making movies that invite everyone to experience life in other’s shoes – so we can empathize with each other more. I am currently looking for work as a story artist in an animation studio so I can contribute in creating a kinder and more harmonious world.

When I am not drawing, love exploring new vegan places, different cake stores, and jazzing up left overs in ways you would never (want to) imagine. You might find me singing with ukulele (and my volume would slowly drop when I realize you’ve been listening). I also dance in secret and I hope that you’ll never have to see me dance (for now).


2021 Storyboarding for Feature Animation with Rob Porter
Clarity in visual storytelling, cause & effect, character, camera, composition, cutting, continuity, story structure, motivated cuts, pitching, making sure editors and directors have extra panels to work with.

2015 Storyboarding for Animation with Steven Macleod – CGMA
Ideation, relating to personal experience to tell a story.

2015 Bachelor of Art & Technology
Saxion University of Applied Sciences
The Netherlands

With internship in Tokyo, Berlin, and an exchange program in Barcelona.

• Other various short courses focused on sustainable business, interpersonal growth, Non-violent communication, education.

Professional experience

Currently– Storyboard revisionist
“Unspoken” is an animated documentary film showcasing differing reactions to the terror acts that have occurred in Istanbul in the recent years.

2019– Freelance animator & Facilitator
Campaign video creator: Writing scripts, storyboarding, filming, editing. Clients include NGOs and other companies such as: ActionAid, TEDxHanoi, iSEE, Involve UK, PPWG, Towards Transparency, helping refugees with integration.

2018–2019 Montessori Arts & Craft Teacher (Preschool)
Designed curriculum & demonstrated engaging projects to help children develop their coordination and concentration skills.

2016–2017 Motion graphic designer
EMOBI Communication e-learning
(Hanoi, Vietnam)

2016 Children’s book illustrator
United Nations – Fairy tales for a Fairer world

• Other jobs include facilitating workshops, event operation for Marriott Renaissance.

Community building & Hosting a safe space:
Founder of Social project Nghệ:
– Received funding from Oxfam and a free booth at BridgeFest 2019 after pitching.
Organized information events in hopes of breaking the stigma of creative jobs in Vietnam. Our first event reached 41k+ people on Facebook and was featured on national television!
• Co-Founder of Story Circle – A safe space for all kinds of storyteller to be vulnerable and to uplift each other: Discord community & meet ups.

Volunteer highlights:
• 2021: Hosted a Workshop “Telling your own story through comics” at WallsWithDoors. WallsWithDoors is an event that gives space as well as a voice to homeless people and promotes genuine connections between humans. My workshop was held along side with Non-Violent communication workshop and a workshop about dealing with depression.
• 2018: Volunteered for AIESEC – SDGs 10: Reduced inequality. Teaching at a kindergarten in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Former member of Comedy Improv group The Rotten Grapes (Hanoi, Vietnam)

Original comic “Onebrella” on AniWay anniversary issue

Photoshop, Storyboard Pro, Premiere Pro, Final Cut, After Effects, Maya, Blender

English, Vietnamese, Japanese, basic Dutch

Email: letsgokoyo@gmail.com
Utrecht, The Netherlands

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